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15th Jan 2019


First of all a very Happy and prosperous new year to all of you.
Thankfully I'm back to blogging ( my last blog was in 2017) and one of my resolutions this year is to blog frequently. I always plan on blogging more but get caught up with the mundane things of life and I forget about it. Hopefully I get to blog at regular intervals this year. Wish me luck folks.

This shoot was the last shoot of 2018.

Baby Y's parents selected our Full session cake smash package. So, I'll show you what our full session typically consists of.

We started this shoot with baby Y's beach cake smash session.

I design my own creative set ups and make my own props. We narrowed on an blue and white ocean theme for little Y.

They opted for a beach cake smash session. It was terribly windy that day, the teepee had come off once and the various props kept been flown hither tither.
Don't know how many balloons flew away that day. Securing the set, setting it up time and time again was pretty hard for us.
Phew!!! But all is well that ends well right??

And now coming to the little one, he was the naughtiest of the lot. He couldn't wait to be in the set and pull apart everything. Lol. He finally decided to humor us and sat put for a while and had a fabulous smash until he decided to eat sand instead of the cake.

I'll post the cake smash session here and the other pictures in my next post.

Hope you enjoy his cake smash session.

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19th Dec 2017


This is one of those sessions which is very close to my heart. The theme and color scheme was selected by my sister and I just executed it.

Baby Shreyan was an absolute delight to watch during the session and he smashed it like a pro. I had a few doubts that he wouldn't even touch his cake, but he proved me wrong and went onto finish his super cute session.

Enjoy the cuteness overload. And I'm sure you will enjoy watching him hit the balloons here there and everywhere with his tiny fists.



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30th Nov 2017


This post is long overdue, I'm certainly not happy with the frequency of my blogging. But, I'm probably going to blame it on being a mother for the second time. Lol

I'm happy that I got to blog about this wonderful session.

I was pregnant back then and my mum made sure to monitor me constantly through out the shoot.

It was a beautiful day and we headed to the children's park in NELLORE. It was the only green place with well maintained lawns but it's overcrowded most of the time but we has no other option and we hit the place during the golden hour which was a consolation and we started the shoot right away.

SHREYAN is my one and only beloved nephew and I couldn't be more happier that day. He was class in his blue overalls and he was a natural before the camera and I manged to get some great shots that day of him and my other family members.

I'm totally in love with the session and hope you would enjoy browsing through the cuteness as well.

We did an indoor cake smash session of my nephew the other day and will blog about it the next day.

Enjoy the cuteness over load.

Will meet you again in my next blog post, till then take care.

Deepthi Nannam

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Cousins (Lifestyle photoshoot)
31st Oct 2017

Cousins (Lifestyle photoshoot)

Cousins are connected heart to heart, time and distance can't break them apart.

It was such a pleasure to capture this beautiful "PICNIC THEMED "union of these wonderful Cousins.

The conditions were not in our favor at all. For instance, I was just a few days away from my due date, was a hard time convincing hubby and mum to let me go do it and hence my movements were very restricted, rain played spoil sport on the actual day of the shoot and then we rescheduled the shoot to an another day, which turned out to be very humid and sunny. We had to do it almost near noon, shadows were a big problem..
But but, Boy!! was it worth it??
Totally I tell you.

I still smile when I think of this shoot, the goofiness of the kids, the jokes, cute antics of the little ones, one child would come in the frame and the other would run away, somewere happily nibbling at the food stuff, and the others would be chasing the balloon. It was a chaos, but a wonderful chaos out of which came some very cute pics to cherish the love the kids have for each other.

We clicked a few pictures in their living room, went into the lawns for a picnic, where it went from calm and nice to super crazy and happy.
Then comes the interesting part, the children's dearest granny joined the session. She is a beautiful lady and it was such a pleasure to capture the love she has for her dear grandchildren. The goofiness of the shoot upped when she joined them. It was a blast I tell you.

And I'm sure when they are all grown up and settled in their own lives these pictures would make them SMILE. That is the very essence of a photo shoot. Isn't it?

PS. This shoot will always be special to me.

Deepthi Nannam

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23rd Jun 2017


How have you all been?
Moonsons have finally hit Goa, the greenery has returned to the woods and it is all cool and wonderful here. I was really tired of the hot and humid summers, and the arrival of monsoons never felt this good before.
Enough of my musings, let me get to the wonderful family I'm going to post about today.

This is an old shoot and the blog post was long overdue due to many reasons, nevertheless I'm happy to get it up on the blog.

I met this family last year at Hotel Grand Hyatt, Goa. I was there to shoot the cake smash of their twin girls on their birthday. I had an awesome time with them and the memories of that shoot are still so fresh in my mind.

This year when Ms.R called me again as they was visiting Goa and said she din't want to miss the opportunity to get the pics taken by me. Honesty I was flattered and was very eager to meet the two twins who had almost neared their second birthday.

We Met again at Hotel Grand Hyatt and had an much awesomer shoot this time. The little ones were not so little any more, and they were talking really good and they would even throw a cute little tantrum here and there. It was adorable to look at them doing their cute nautanki.

Shot the pics in the green lawns of Grand Hyatt where all of them got to paly, hang out and be themselves, (ths is what Deepthi Nannam Photography believes in as opposed to the monotonous posed shoots) the girls had a great time playing hide and seek with their mum and dad and I was more than happy to capture their sweet little expressions and antics. Their gorgeous mum and handsome daddy were a picture perfect couple too. Finally we hit the beach to end the shoot.

Have a great time viewing the candid natural light lifestyle shots of this wonderful family and be part of our happiness too.

Will meet you again with an another awesome blog post and till then,Take care.
Deepthi Nannam


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16th Jun 2017


Deepthi Nannam Photography wishes darling KIARA baby a very happy first birthday. May God bless you abundantly and may He shower His choicest blessings upon you dear child.

I've waited quite some time to post these pictures of her awesome cake smash and pool session on her birthday. We shot these on the same day as her outdoor shoot (check out our last post).

Kiara's dearest mommy decided upon a Mint, lavender and purple theme for the shoot and bought an awesome outfit to go with it. And we @DeepthiNannamPhotography customized the decor accordingly.

A little background story of the cake smash session . "We had just wrapped up her outdoor session and drove to their place for the cake smash session. We set up everything and it was quite late by then and we were really anxious whether the little one would cooperate after a long and humid outdoor session. But we were in for a surprise! As soon as she saw the balloons in the set up, she was all smiles and gleeful. We couldn't have asked for more, right?"

The cake is by Victoria from @cakewalkbaking. (Check out their fb page of the same name) She is an absolute sweetheart and nailed the theme colors with a prior intimation of just a night and saved us from canceling the shoot. Thanks a ton dear. So, dear people when ever you want a cake customized you know where to go right?

We had an impromptu pool session right after the cake smash and she just loved splashing the water. I'm sure these pictures will make your weekend much more happier. Check out this cutie smash the cake to a gorgeous mess and watch her enjoy her pool time too.

Take care till our next post,
Deepthi Nannam

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08th Jun 2017


Capturing babies is something I love doing. Especially when it is a pre-birthday shoot of a toddler turning one I tend to get all the more excited. I personally feel that this stage is the most mushiest and adorable stage in a child's life.
Those baby steps they try to take, teeny tiny pearly teeth emerging, adorable little baby talk, widest grins and so on. I can just go on listing the cuteness. Hence this is my most favourite stage to capture.

Baby Kiara had an amazing fairy princess themed shoot in the lovely outdoors of Garca branca. The day was so humid but still the little one gave us some wonderful shots. She and her mommy had a great time abd we had an equally great time capturing those wonderful memories for them to cherish throughout their lives.

The decor and the theme was conceptualized and set up by us @Deepthi Nannam Creations.

We did a cake smash shoot right after this, and will share those yummylicious( if thats a word) pictures in an another post. Till then enjoy these pictures of adorable little Kiara.

Deepthi Nannam


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It's a Smaaaash! 1
09th May 2017

It's a Smaaaash! 1

What is more funny than watching your teeny tiny fellow smash a cake to pieces or err..shall I call it a gooey mess?
Our tryst with cake smashes started 1 year ago. My first cakesmash was of two cute twins. Twins and cake smash, what an irresistible combination it was.
Since then we have done a handful of smashes.
The optimum time to get a cake smash session for your child is before their first birthday.I consider that stage as the most adorable stage in a childs life. They are just beginning to understand their surroundings as well as they are intrigued by everything.

And the second advantage is that you can use those adorable pictures for their first birthday invites or as a vinyl backdrop for their birthday.

The cake can be brought by you or we can provide it upon prior intimation. We usually prefer butter cream frosting over fondant for an easy smash.

The entire shoot is color coordinated right from the outfit, the decor and the cake. It can also styled according to the theme of your choice. We customize any theme you want. Eg. Princess theme, Mickey theme etc.

I have decided to upload the cake smash pictures of the past year in two different posts.

Hope you enjoy watching the gooey mess.
1. Twins in pink
2. Baby K's shoot
3. Baby Z's shoot

Till then tc.
Deepthi Nannam

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08th May 2017


Heya wonderful people!
Welcome to the first blog on my new website.
I can't tell you how excited, thankful and blessed I feel today. My husband and I both had a flair for photography right from our childhood. He pursued it when he was small and knew the nuances of using an SLR. I on the other hand was an absolute amateur, but loved clcking nature right since I owned a mobile camera in my college.
Fast forward to the time my child was born, I had my sister's Sony point and shoot. I captured every little thing munchkin did through that camera. I was more than happy doing so. Then my hubby gifted me a bridge camera for my birthday. That camera helped me learn a lot about photographer. I was constantly experimenting with it. My son was our only muse and model back then. He is the reason I pursued my hubby into a passion. I did my first probono shoot with this very camera and put up an FB page and blog on and since then we have upgraded to a DSLR with multiple lenses.
We have done many photoshoots since then and today we have a website of our own.
My hubby and I really thank God for his guidance in each and every step we took in our lives.Grateful to my loving brother Dinakar Raj for gifting me this website
And our web developer Amit Anand for this beautiful website.
Enjoy a few pics of our beloved son from the starting days.
Keep visiting our page and keep showing your love.

Till then take care.

Deepthi Nannam Kola

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