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08th May 2017


Heya wonderful people!
Welcome to the first blog on my new website.
I can't tell you how excited, thankful and blessed I feel today. My husband and I both had a flair for photography right from our childhood. He pursued it when he was small and knew the nuances of using an SLR. I on the other hand was an absolute amateur, but loved clcking nature right since I owned a mobile camera in my college.
Fast forward to the time my child was born, I had my sister's Sony point and shoot. I captured every little thing munchkin did through that camera. I was more than happy doing so. Then my hubby gifted me a bridge camera for my birthday. That camera helped me learn a lot about photographer. I was constantly experimenting with it. My son was our only muse and model back then. He is the reason I pursued my hubby into a passion. I did my first probono shoot with this very camera and put up an FB page and blog on and since then we have upgraded to a DSLR with multiple lenses.
We have done many photoshoots since then and today we have a website of our own.
My hubby and I really thank God for his guidance in each and every step we took in our lives.Grateful to my loving brother Dinakar Raj for gifting me this website
And our web developer Amit Anand for this beautiful website.
Enjoy a few pics of our beloved son from the starting days.
Keep visiting our page and keep showing your love.

Till then take care.

Deepthi Nannam Kola

deepthi nannam photography
deepthi nannam photography
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